Trail Conditions


Thursday February 20th,  2020 


 Ashton and Gordon Sidney Trails groomed Thursday the 19th, parking in Upper lot including large trailers.

Friday Jan. 10, 2020

Mara Mountain groomed Thursday Jan. 9, probed 8 feet and one foot with arm in snow before hitting the ground at 26 klm and knee deep powder!!!!! Parking at 12.5klm in designated parking lots.  Active hauling still on the middle fork road and main Kingfisher road.  Please carry a raidio if traveling this area. All hauling is now done on the sleepy Hollow/Cooke Creek road!!

Brash and Gs Trails groomed Wed. Jan 8, parking upper and lower lots.

Sunday January 5,2020

Brash and Gordon  Sydney trails groomed Saturday Jan. 4, Ashton groomed  Jan. 2.

Parking upper and lower lots.





Good morning riders, with the last big snow fall we had the logging company is trying to get the Sleepy Hollow road open so they can get the last of there wood out. They were on the road yesterday and of course we were not aware and had a few issues. Please ask your trail attendant today if they are in fact up there again today plowing.  As well the groomed trail has been plowed off  the side of the road from 10 to 12.5. Please slow down thru this are as there could be a grader or cat working.  There is still is enough snow  on the road to ride. We are just asking to use caution in this area.

As well the tree has been cleared and you can now access the parking lots to the left of the trail head at 12.5 klm. Please avoid parking to the right at Middle Fork Road.

Monday Dec. 30, 2019

 Brash and Gordon Sidney Trails groomed December 29th.


Active hauling will startup again Monday( Dec. 30) morning!   So THIS means there is to be NO TRUCK OR SLED TRAFFIC  ON THE SLEEPY HOLLOW ROAD   TO ACCESS COOKE CREEK RIDING AREA  AT ANYTIME! This trail will be closed Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday this week.      
As well we have made some parking available at the 5klm up side road if you do not want to drive to 12.5 klm if you are riding Mara Mt.  

  For those staging at the bottom of Mara Mt.  at the 12.5 klm mark, PLEASE use the DESIGNATED PARKING AREAS MADE TO THE LEFT OF THE TRAIL HEAD ONLY!  If you are parked in the area to the right where the logging trucks come out of Middle fork Road and where the grader sits, your vehicle may not be there when you come back.  As well there is a small parking area just past the 10 klm bridge on the left hand side under the power lines. 

 Please carry a radio if you are planning a trip to this riding area, turn headlites on and drive slow. The road is compact icy and no room for passing In some areas. Please give the right of way to the trucks hauling.  Trail attended will be on site as usual. 

Please be respectful of the logging trucks stay out of there way and drive safely.
And a reminder it is illegal to drive a sled on a plowed forest service road that is being  actively hauled on.

Thursday Dec. 26,2019

Mara Mountain groomed Dec. 25. Parking at 12 klm.

Tuesday Dec. 24, 2019

Brash groomed and now the Gordon Sydney has been added in Dec 23 Merry Bbrrraaaapppping!



Saturday  December 21, 2019

Mara Mt. groomed Friday Dec. 20,  parking at 12klm. 


Thursday December 19,2019

Brash Trail groomed Wed. Dec. 19,  Ashton Trail groomed Monday Dec. 13.  Both trails in great shape.   4.5 feet on Chalet Marker and snowing  hard up top.

Parking is in the lower lots on the Ashton end till the road gets better.  The kingfisher/Sleep Hollow and Middle Fork road has active hauling still and will continue thru the holidays, if you can please carry a radio.  We will do our best to stay out of there way.  



Saturday December 7,2019

Mara Mountain  groomed  Saturday Dec. 7, collectors will be on site Starting Sunday Dec. 8.  Trail fees are $25/day.  Also Cooke Creek trail is closed Monday thru Fridays due to active hauling and will not  be groomed till they are done. Collection hut is at the 4.5klm. 


Monday November 18,2019


Good evening all, well we had an amazing 2 days at the BC Provincial Snow Show held In Vernon Nov. 8 & 9th.

A huge shout out to all who helped put on this great show, Sled for Eternity, Vernon Snowmobile Association, Vernon Search and Rescue, Prestige Vernon Lodge,  Vendors and all the wonderfull volunteers. Let's face it without the Volunteers these events don't just happen!!

Thank you to all our 2019-20 Sponsors and faithful HRSA Members for stopping in at our booth and taking advantage of our early bird prices and getting your Memberships for this upcoming 2019-20 Season.  Thank you to my fellow Directors for stopping in and  helping out in any way you can.  To all who stopped  just to see who we are and where we are located, and some who shared a story or two  about there younger days spent on our hill growing up.  We had a great time chatting and helping with all your questions.  Thank you to our new HRSA President Justin Evan's for sticking out the entire show with me, it was great having you as my sidekick this year!  I hope I didn' work you too hard. Lol

I'd like to congratulate the following winners of our free draw we had : 

Jeremy Sanjenko - 2019-20  Membership

Neil Davis - HRSA Long Sleeve Shirt

Kyle Sherwood- 2 Trail Passes

And once again our little up and coming sled heads had a great time coloring for our wall of fame, and a chance to win one of our great prizes!!

1st Place went to Pyper Munroe
  Remote Control sled

2nd place  to Abby and Kate Brown
  Lego Snow Cannon and groomer

3rd place to Peter Crosby
  HRSA Hoody

I am  looking forward to seeing you all at the hill soon!!

Thank you again for making my weekend extra special!!💗









Good evening everyone, 

 It is that time unfortunately that we have to call our grooming program done for this season.

I'd like to thank our Groomer operators Kent, Rob and Dustin for another year of great trails and keeping our roads and parking areas accessible.

Thank you to my Trail Attendants, Megan, Brad Deb and Patty for another great season. 

Thank you to my fellow Directors, Trent, Curtis, Kaylee, Kathy, Karla, Doug, Ken, Dustin,Rick, Ian, Mike, Justin and Steve for all the work thru out the season.

A Big Thank you to all our Sponsors:
 Armstrong Reginal CO-OP, Ashton Creek Store,Autowear Accesories, B Broz/ Backus Septic, Backus Racing/TB Racing, Bonita Lundquist-  Re/ Max, Cedar Solutions, Central Hardware Ltd, Double Barrel Industries, Enderby Jewlers, Gilbert Parts Depot, Johnson Meier Insurance,Just Rocks, Mabel Lake Farms,Nelson Glass, Nor-Val Rentals,Quilakwa/Esso,Riverfront Pub, Shuswap Insurance,Shuswap Xtreme, Suthetland's Bakery,Toncar Contracting,Tony's Tire Service Ltd,Tyler Rands-Century 21,Vernon Volkwagon.

Thank you to all the volunteers, and mostly to our dedicated Members and non member riders, without you we are nothing. You are the reason we keep on doing what we do!!

I look forward to seeing all of you next season!!


March 23 groomed Brash and Gordon Sydney snow and gravel patches up to 300 m from 2 km up to 8.5 km limited parking at 4.5  5   7 and8.9 km plowed one lane good tires no large trailers happy sledding!


Mara Mountain groomed Thursday March 14.

Brash and Gordon Sydney trails groomed Wednesday March 13.

Cooke Creek groomed Thursday March 7.

Brash and Gordon Sydney trails groomed Wednesday March  6.

Mara Mt. groomed Thursday Feb.28 , parking at 10 & 12 klm.

Brash and Gordon Sydney Trails groomed Wed. Feb. 27.

Ashton Trail groomed Tuesday Feb. 26.


Brash and Gordon Sydney trails groomed Sat. Feb. 23.

Feb. 22/19
Kingfisher plowed from 0-12km parking at 10 and 12. Mara Groomed 12” plus of fresh.

Brash and Gordon Sydney trails groomed Wednesday February 20, parking upper and lower lots.

Thursday February 14,2019

Mara and Cooke trails. Plowed rd 0-5 km. Plowed out the parking and turn around at 5km. Plowed parking at 10 & 12km. Groomed Mara 10” of fresh since last groom. Riders can either park at 5km and follow groomed trail up Side rd. Or continue to park up at 10 and 12.  The rd is not plowed from 5km on unless the Forest companies do it later this morning. Have fun. 


Brash and Gordon Sydney trails groomed Wednesday February 13, parking upper and lower lots. 


Brash and Gordon  Sydney trails groomed Thursday Feb. 7th, Ashton still in great shape. Parking upper and lower lots.

Ashton and Brash trails groomed to the chalet. Mara trail also groomed. February 2

Feb 1. Cooke Creek Groomed. Parking at 10k
Mara in good shape still. Parking at 12k. May groom tomorrow depending on traffic.

Brash and Gordon Sydney groomed Jan 30

Ashton trail put in January 25 watch for icy patches and chunks. Dirty recycled snow up to 8 km

Mara Mountain Groomed Thurs. Jan. 24th. Parking at 12km.

Cooke Creek Trail groomed Thurs. Jan. 24. Parking at 10km junction.

Brash and Gordon Sydney trails groomed January 23

Sunday January 20 , 2019

Brash and Gordon Sydney trails groomed Sat. Jan. 19.

Cooke Creek groomed Sat. Jan.19 , parking at 14 klm on sleepy hollow. watch for ice chunks in trail from 14 klm to 22 klm. This taril is open today Sun .Jan.  20th and closed Monday and Tuesday this week for logging.

Thursday January 17, 2019

Brash trail groomed to main Chalet Wed.Jan.16.

Friday January 11, 2019

Mara Mt. groomed Thurs. JAN. 10.  Probed at 26 klm- 8 feet, 18 inches of powder. Parking at 12 klm. 

Thursday Jan. 10, 2019

Brash and Gordon Sydney trails groomed wed. Jan. 9 parking  in upper and lower lots. 12 inches of fresh snow!!!

Sunday Jan. 6, 2019 

Brash and Gordon Sydney Trails groomed Sat. Jan. 5, parking in upper and lower lots, large trailers still parking in the lower lot. Please do not drive up the trails to park.

Mara Mt. was groomed Thurs. Jan. 3 , parking at 12 klm. The main road in has a few soft muddy spots..


Wednesday Jan.2, 2018

Brash and Gordon Sydney Trails groomed Jan. 1.Use caution on bottom 9 klm the trail is very icy. Active Hauling starts up today as well on Ashton and Kingfisher.

Monday Dec. 31, 2018

Mara Mt and Brash Trails groomed Sunday Dec. 30th. Please no traffic on the Ashton road today as they are doing road work.


Sunday Dec.30, 2018

Brash and Gordon Sydney trails groomed Saturday Dec. 29, parking upper and lower lots.

Saturday Dec. 29, 2018

Mara Mt. groomed Fri. Dec. 28, parking at 12 klm.

Brash Trail  groomed Fri. Dec. 28, parking upper and lower lots.

Dumping snow last night!!!






Thursday Dec. 27,2018

Brash and Gordon Sydney Trail groomed Wed. Dec. 26th.  There is enough snow to park in upper lot hard packed ice with some loose on top should be fine with scratchers about 3 inches fresh up top. Large trailers will stay in the lower parking lot. 

Mara Mt. also groomed Wed. Dec. 26, parking at 12 klm.


Sunday Dec. 23, 2018

Brash Trail groomed to main Chalet Sat. Dec.22, as well the Gordon Sydney Trail was roughed in.




Friday Dec. 21, 2018

Groomer is out on the Mara Mt. Trail tonight, probed 6'.5" at 26 klm, 8-10 inches of fresh, parking at 12 klm. Beacon Checker is just past  14 klm mark.

Brash and Ashton Trails Groomed Wed. Dec. 19. Parking 9 klm on Brash,  14 klm on Ashton. Logging is now complete on this end till after  the new year. 

Sunday Dec. 16 2018
BRASH TRAIL GROOMED SAT. DEC.15, watch for soft spots on edges of the trail as well as open creeks around the chalet.
Parking up Brash to 9 klm, Ashton if you choose is at 14.5klm.
With this rain the road has turned icy, use caution driving up and if you don't want to drive up you can park under hydro lines and ride the plowed road to snow line.
As well the Kingfisher Road will be icy, please use caution while driving up.

On Friday December 14th (this coming Friday) the Groomer will be headed out at 7am to set up the Mara Mountain Trail (Laforge). The collection hut is set up and will be selling trail passes, memberships, clothing as well as giving info for parking, hazards, ect (the usual info). The collection hut is located just past the hill where it was last year. Please stop and check in.. There is still active hauling so please use caution while driving up. The Cooke Creek Trail is c...losed to all traffic, truck or sled Monday thru Friday. Please respect this request from Logging Company.

As well he will have your membership cards for those who have signed up online or at the Snow Show. We will do our best to try and get those cards to you depending
on which trails you ride. (will be a test to see how well my memory is) lol

Happy Sledding and stay safe all!



Wednesday April 25, 2018

everyone , I sit here looking out in the distance and all i can see is the bright white snow still downing the mountains. We have been blessed with an amazing abundance of snow this season and i think record snow fall in some areas.   It feels strange to see the snow line still so low, it has been a long winter forsure, but all good things must come to an end. 

We have now wrapped up our Grooming program for the 2017-18 Season.
I would like to Thank first of all our amazing Groomer operators, Kent, Rob and Dustin. These guys put in so much time plowing parking lots and roads, grooming, repairing, removing trees, marking trails and pretty much anything else that is asked of them. Thank you for all your time, you are all a great asset to our club.
Secondly, to my Trail Collectors, Deb, Echo, Rose and Megan. Thanks for putting in another great season, they as well put in alot of time at the trail heads. lol
A big thank you to our Sponsors, thank you for your continued support it is greatly appreciated.
And to all my fellow Directors: Trent, Jared,Kaylee, Kathy, Doug, Curtis, Karla, Jason, ken, Cindy, Rick and Dustin. Thanks for all the hard work you put in from the meetings to events. As well all the volunteers who come out and support in any way you can.
And Finally i'd like to say a" Huge Thank You" to all our wonderfull Members and non member riders. We seen alot of new members to the club as well as new riders from all over the globe. We appreciate you all for supporting our little piece of paridise we call "Hunters Range"!
There is still lots of riding season left for those die hards, just remember to check any avy forcast, and ride safe and never ride alone!
Thank you again to all for a wonderfull 2017-18 Season here at Hunters Range, i hope to see you all next season!
Have a safe and happy Spring/Summer and Fall.


Friday April 20, 2018

Mara Mt.  groomed Thursday April 18. Parking at 5klm still.  1/2 klm of dirt between 13-15 klm. This will be the final grooming for the season on Mara/Cooke.

Thursday  April 19, 2018

Brash and Gordon Sydney Trails groomed Wed. April 18.

Snow line starts at 4 klm, broken up to 5-5.1 klm. The switchback at 5 klm and pullout at 5.1 klm have been cleaned out as well as plowed up to 5klm. Large trailers are able to turn around at the 5-5.1 klm, providing no one parks in these areas.


Sunday April 15 , 2018

Brash and GS Trails groomed Friday April 13, parking up Brash to 3 klm, no large trailers as there is no turn around.



Thursday April 12, 2018

Cooke Creek groomed early this morning, water on trail at 12  klm but is crossable. Parking at 5klm still for Mara and Cooke Trails

Thursday April 5, 2018

Brash and Gordon Sydney Trails groomed Wed. April 4, parking under hydro line. Snowline at 2klm. No issues on trails yet.

Friday March 30, 2018
Brash and Gordon Sydney Trails groomed Thursday March 29, road to upper main parking lot has been fixed.
Ashton Trail is still open but we are no longer grooming it.
Friday March 23, 2018
LaForge Trail groomed early this morning, Cooke Creek groomed Wed. Mar. 21, parking at 5klm.
Ashton/Brash Trail closed due to main road being washed out. will update after we meet with forestry on a solution to fix it
Thursday March 15, 2018
Mara Mountain groomed early today .
Monday March 12, 2018
Trails last Groomed:
Sat. Mar. 10 - Brash and GS
Fri. Mar. 9 - Mara Mt.
Thurs. Mar. 8 - Cooke Creek and Ashton
Friday March 9, 2018
Cooke Creek Trail  groomed Thursday March 8th, parking at 5klm.
Thursday March 8, 2018
Ashton  and Gordon  Sydney Trails groomed Wed. Mar. 7
Thursday March 1, 2018
Brash and Gordon Sydney Trails groomed Wed. Feb. 28th.
Groomer heading out on the LaForge ( Mara )Trail around 9 am this morning March 1st, please watch for him and ride with caution.
Sunday February 25, 2018
Brash Trail groomed Sat. Feb. 24th.
Friday February 23, 2018
Grooming update:
Thursday Feb. 22- Laforge (Mara)
Wed. Feb. 21- Ashton & Gordon Sydney Trails
Tues. Feb. 20-Cooke Creek
Sun. Feb. 18- Brash
All trails and parking areas are in great shape. Please use caution on the main Kingfisher road as it is single lane .   Also the Beacon Checker on Kingfisher end is currently down, hope to have back up and running by Saturday.


Friday February 16, 2018
LaForge (Mara) Trail groomed. Parking at 5klm, main road is getting alittle narrow. (so much snow!) Please use caution when driving in and out.
Sunday February 11, 2018
Trails groomed:
Brash- Sat. Feb. 10
Ashton-Fri.Feb. 9
Laforge (Mara) Fri. Feb. 9
Cooke Creek - Thurs. Feb. 8
Gordon Sydney - Wed. Feb. 7
Use caution driving and or riding a sled as both trail heads are extremely icy.
Sunday February 4, 2018
Ashton and Gordon Sydney Trails groomed Sat. Feb.3rd. Parking upper lot trucks /decks, lower lot trailers . Alot of deep powder, 2' last night and snowing heavy!
Friday February 2, 2018
LaForge Trail groomed Thursday Feb. 1st. Parking at 5klm. Kingfisher forest service road is very icy, please drive with caution.


Wednesday January 31, 2018

Brash and Cooke Creek Trails groomed Jan. 30th.

Saturday January 27, 2018

Ashton and Brash Trails groomed Friday Jan. 26th.

Friday January 26, 2018

Laforge (Mara Mt.) groomed Thurs. Jan. 25th.

Thursday January 25, 2018

Brash and GS Trails groomed Wed. Jan. 24th.

2 feet of fresh snow reported.


Sunday January 21, 2018

Ashton and Cooke Creek Trails groomed Sat. Jan. 20th.



Friday January 19, 2018

Laforge Trail (Mara MT.)  groomed Thursday Jan. 18, about 6 " of fresh this week.


Tuesday January 16, 2018

Ashton  Trail groomed Mon. Jan.15TH

Sunday Jan. 14, 2018

Brash and GS Trails groomed Sat.Jan. 13 th.


Saturday Jan. 13, 2018

Ashton Trail groomed Friday Jan. 12th.

Laforge Trail groomed Thurs. Jan. 11.   Kingfisher road is icy with some soft areas.


Thursday Jan. 11, 2018

Brash and Gordon Sydney Trails groomed Wed. Jan. 10.


Sunday Jan. 7, 2018

Brash Trail groomed to main Chalet Sat. Jan. 6th.


Friday Jan. 5, 2018

Ashton Trail is now groomed. Parking pper and lower lots.


Thursday Jan. 4, 2018

Brash and Gordon Sydney Trails groomed Wed. Jan. 3rd.


Tuesday  January 2, 2018

Cooke Creek Trail Groomed Mon. Jan. 1.


Sunday December 31, 2017

Thank you to our groomer gods, Brash Trail is now groomed Sat. Dec. 30  to main Chalet. Parking upper and lower lots.  The birm has now been put at the main parking lot heading up the trail.

Laforge Trail groomed also Sat. Dec. 30. Parking areas are now at River Road. in cut block across from hut as well as at 5 klm. Road has been widened as well past hut. Kingfisher is icy use caution when driving in or out.


Friday December 29,2017

Laforge Trail groomed Thurs. Dec. 28, parking at 5 klm

Brash Trail  did not get groomed, the groomer is down at switchback at 9klm. If you plan on riding our hill today use caution when heading up.

We will be up and running as soon as we can.

Thursday Dec. 28, 2017
Brash Trail groomed to main Chalet
Dec. 27th.


Tuesday Dec. 26,2017

LaForge ( Mara MT) groomed Mon. Dec.25


Saturday Dec. 23, 2017

Cooke Creek Trail groomed Fri. Dec. 22, parking for this trail at 5 klm Kingfisher main Rd. Please use CAUTION when heading up there is a lot of MOOSE ON THE TRAIL !!


Friday December 22, 2017

 Mara  Mountain Trail groomed Thursday Dec. 21, parking at 5 klm for both Cooke and Mara. Road is blocked as well at 5 klm.  Collection hut at 4.5 klm

Brash  was groomed Wed. Dec. 20 as well as GS Trail put in. There is road deactivation on Ashton for a few days, please try and avoid this area.


Sunday December 17, 2017

Brash Trail groomed to main Chalet Saturday  Dec. 16, and it snowed!!

Use caution as roads are icy.


Sunday December 10, 2017

Brash Trail groomed to main Chalet, please watch for groomer parked at 1.5 klm.

Saturday  Dec. 9, 2017
  Grooming is now complete on the Cooke Creek Trail. Parking at 10 klm junction on main Kingfisher Rd for this trail.
Thursday Dec. 7, 2017
  We are now in full swing and groomed out at Laforge Trail, watch for collector at .5 klm on main road and parking is up at 12.5 klm. Also please drive with caution as active hauling is happening Monday thru Friday as well
Brash Trail groomed to main Chalet Wed.  Dec. 6, parking up to 4 klm.
Saturday December 2,2017
Our groomer is out on the Brash Trail tonight, he is grooming to the main Chalet only. We will be collecting at the trail head so remember to bring your cash. Parking will be for large enclosed trailers under the hydro lines and some trucks may go up to 3 klm. We have not started to groom Mara Mountain yet.
See you all at the trails!

Wednesday April 19,

Well it looks like Spring is trying to make an apperance, so on that note we have decide to have our 2016-2017 grooming program come to an official end.

I would like to thank all our groomer operators for a job well done, Jordan, Rob and Kent ! We greatly appreciate all the endless hours you all put in, grooming, plowing,maintenance and just volunteering at times.

To my awsome Trail collectors, Deb, Brad and Echo. Without your help and support i'd be a wreck. You are ...a great team to work with!

To all our Directors, thanks for all the continued support thruout the season. We all have busy lives, and you all do what you can when needed, much love to you all !

To our HRSA Members and non members, we thank you for the continued support riding our little piece of heaven!

To all our advertisers, sponsors, volunteers and everyone else who has been an active supporter of the club, we are forever greatfull for the continued support.

We had 4 new Directors step up this year, Trent, Jared, Kaylee and Dustin. Thank you for stepping in, you have all become a great asset to the club. Look forward to working with you next season.

Well i think i have covered all my thank yous ( i Appologies if i missed any one). I am truely blessed to have been part of this HRSA Club for a few years now, and will continue to help in any way i can.

We are a great little club and I for one am greatfull we have such an amazing group of Director,Members,Advertisors ,Supporters, and most of all, you the riders!!

Thanks again for an awsome 2016-2017 season, I look forward to next season, have a great spring/summer!!

Robin 😃
HRSA Membership Director

PS : There is still an abundence of snow up top, so if you ride remember to check your AVY report, and never ride alone!!

Sunday April 9,
Brash and GS trails groomed Friday April 7, parking at 8 klm switchback. Outside of switchback is extremely icy, use caution. Road to 8 is all bare. Solid snow from 8 up. Foot of fresh snow!

Mara Mt. (Laforge) Trail groomed Thurs, April 6. Parking at 14.5-15 klm. No turn around areas past this point. No dirt on trail past 15 klm. 8 Inches of fresh snow,

Friday Mar. 31

Mara Mt. groomed Thursday Mar. 30.
Road has been opened and blocked off on far side 10klm bridge.
There is ice and snow all the way from 6 1/2 klm.
Trailers should turn around at this 6 1/2 klm and go from there.
Trucks should not go past 7 klm for this weekend only....
Wash out at 11 klm has stopped running, road has been filled in with snow.
There is some gravel patches between 14 and 14 1/2 klm.

24 plus inches off new snow this week!!


Brash and GS trails groomed Wednesday. Mar. 28. Mixed gravel and snow 4.5 to 7 klm.
Trailers turn around 4.5, and 5.1 klm.
Decks and trucks up to 7 klm.
30 cm of fresh snow.

Saturday March 18,
Brash and GS Trails groomed Fri. Mar. 17, parking under hydro line. Fresh snow
Mara Mt. groomed Thurs. Mar. 16, parking at 5 klm.
Saturday March 11
Mara Mountain groomed Thurs,. Mar. 9th.
Brash and GS Trails groomed Friday Mar. 10. Lots of fresh snow.
Saturday Mar. 4
Cooke Creek Trail groomed Friday March 3rd. Parking at 5 Klm.


Friday Mar. 3

Mara Mountain groomed Thursday Mar. 2,   20 inches of fresh, parking at 5 klm.
Thursday Mar.2
Brash and GS Trails groomed, lots of fresh snow. Parking upper and lower lots.
Sunday Feb. 26th
Brash and GS Trails groomed Saturday Feb. 25. Parking upper and lower lots. About 6 inches fresh snow.
Mara Mountain ( Laforge) 
groomed Thurs. Feb. 23. Parking 5 klm.
Friday Feb. 17
Laforge, Brash and GS Trails groomed Thursday Feb.16th.
Saturday Feb. 11
Brash and GS Trails groomed Thurs. Feb. 9 parking upper and lower lots.
Laforge groomed Thurs. Feb, 9 and Cooke Creek groomed Friday Feb. 10, parking at 5 klm. Lots of fresh snow!


February 2,

Brash and GS trails groomed  Wed. Feb. 1st, parking all units in upper main lot.

Jan. 28,

Laforge groomed Thursday Jan. 26 th to Alpine, 3-4 inches of new snow in the last 36 hours.
Cooke Creek still in good shape. There is enough new snow on Sleepy Hollow Rd to ride up from 10 klm.
If you are parking at 5 klm turn left off Side Rd once you reach the plowed rd at Hydro line to access Cooke or turn right to access Laforge trail.
Please drive with caution, the main Kingfisher road has become extremely icy.



LaForge trail groomed  Jan. 12.   Parking at 5 or 12 klm. 8  inches fresh since last groom.

Jan. 11

Brash and GS Trails groomed Jan. 10 th, lots of fresh snow.

Saturday Jan. 6th

Brash and GS Trails groomed Friday Jan. 5th, about 10 cm new snow.

Laforge trail groomed Friday Jan. 5th, about 6 " new snow.


Wednesday Jan. 4th

Brash and GS Trails groomed Monday Jan. 2nd


Saturday Dec. 31,

KINGFISHER LAFORGE Groomer went out last night and now has a groomed trail on one side of the road (Width of the groomer wide) from 10-21 klm, then up to first meadow. Riders may choose to stage from 10 klm today thru Monday, then the loggers will be back on Tuesday.  Riders will stage from 5 klm for remainder of the week . Thank you for your patience and continued support, we are doing the best we can to work with the logging . RIde safe everyone!

Brash and GS Trails Groomed Friday night Dec. 30th.


Thursday Dec. 29

Brash trail groomed Dec. 28. Parking upper and lower lots.


Wednesday Dec. 28

Brash and GS Trails groomed, please watch for deer at 9.5 klm mark on trail.




Tuesday Dec. 27

Brash and GS trails groomed Monday Dec. 26. Parking upper and lower lots.



Friday Dec. 23,  

Brash To main Chalet  groomed.

Good news sledders, kingfisher/ Side Rd/ Sleepy Hollow/ Cooke Creek Trail is now groomed !!! Collection start Saturday . This is a new trail and directions will be given at collection hut. Parking is at 5 klm on the left ( Side rd) Groomed trail starts from the parking lot and up. It's the only trail groomed should be straight forward. We are in the process of getting signage made to help with this. Trail comes out at first meadow on cook.
There is to be NO Sled traffic past 5 klm as there is active hauling( see signage) !!
See you on the hill!!


Thursday Dec. 22

Brash and GS Trails groomed Wednesday Dec. 21, parking upper and lower lots.



Saturday Dec. 17

Brash and GS Trails groomed Friday Dec. 16 th.



Sunday Dec. 11

Groomer heading out early Monday morning. Up Brash then out to Gordon Sydney Cabin. Please use caution and watch for him.


Friday December 9, 2016

Well the snow gods have finally blessed us with some snow down low.  We will be starting our collections this weekend at the Ashton/Brash Trail head.  The Brash Trail has been groomed.  As for parking ( depending on how much snow we get tonight) trucks may drive up to 4 klm on Brash , trailers (large) will have to unload under the hydro lines.   Look forward to seeing you all!!!